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In today’s digital world, advertisements seem to be everywhere we turn. They pop up on websites, interrupt our favorite apps, and can be quite intrusive. Fortunately, for rooted Android users, there is a handy solution to combat these ads effectively. The BlockAds Magisk Module is a powerful tool that ensures a seamless browsing and app experience by blocking unwanted advertisements. Whether you’re using an Android web browser or various applications on your device, this module has got you covered.

With the BlockAds Magisk Module, rooted Android users can take control of their browsing and app experience by blocking ads effectively. Say goodbye to intrusive advertisements that disrupt your online activities, and enjoy a smoother, more enjoyable mobile experience.

BlockAds Magisk Module
BlockAds Magisk Module

Features of BlockAds Magisk Module

  • Blocks Ads: The BlockAds Magisk Module offers powerful ad-blocking capabilities, allowing you to enjoy a seamless browsing experience without intrusive advertisements. Say goodbye to pop-ups, banners, and video ads that disrupt your online activities. With this module installed on your rooted Android device, you can browse websites without the constant interruptions caused by unwanted ads.
  • Blocks Porn Sites: In addition to ad-blocking, the BlockAds Magisk Module goes a step further by providing the option to block access to pornographic sites. This feature is especially useful for users who want to create a safer browsing environment for themselves or others, such as parents who wish to protect their children from explicit content. By blocking porn sites, you can ensure a more secure and family-friendly online experience.
  • Blocks Android Apps Ads: Many free Android apps rely on advertisements to generate revenue, often resulting in disruptive and annoying ads within the apps. The BlockAds Magisk Module addresses this issue by effectively blocking ads specifically within Android applications. Once installed, you can enjoy using your favorite apps without being constantly interrupted by intrusive advertisements. Say goodbye to those pesky pop-ups and banners, and enjoy a smoother and more immersive app experience.

The BlockAds Magisk Module provides a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance your rooted Android device’s usability and ensure a seamless browsing and app experience. With the ability to block ads, pornographic sites, and Android app ads, this module puts you back in control of your device, allowing you to enjoy a cleaner and more enjoyable digital experience.

Download BlockAds Magisk Module

To download the BlockAds Magisk Module, simply click on the below provided link. Once the download is complete, open magisk app and simply flash the downloaded BlockAds Magisk Module.

How To Blacklist/Whitelist

To effectively manage the domains you want to blacklist or whitelist using the BlockAds Magisk Module, follow these simple steps

  • Download Termux from F-Droid: Begin by downloading and installing the Termux app from the F-Droid app store. Termux provides a command-line interface for Android devices and will serve as our platform for executing the necessary commands.
  • Grant Superuser Permission: Launch the Termux app and grant superuser permission by running the command “su” in the terminal. This command will elevate your privileges and allow you to make system-level changes.
  • Blacklist a Domain: To blacklist a specific domain, use the command “add domain-name” in Termux. Replace “domain-name” with the actual domain you wish to block. For example, if you want to blacklist, the command will be “add”. This ensures that ads from the specified domain will no longer bother you during your browsing sessions.
  • Whitelist a Domain: Conversely, if you want to whitelist a domain and allow its advertisements, use the command “remove domain-name” in Termux. Again, replace “domain-name” with the actual domain you wish to whitelist. For instance, if you want to whitelist, the command will be “remove”. Whitelisting a domain ensures that ads from that specific domain are not blocked.

Update The Host File

To keep your BlockAds Magisk Module up to date and maintain optimal performance, follow these steps to update the host file:

  • Grant Superuser Permission: Launch the Termux app and grant superuser permission by running the command “su” in the terminal. This will allow you to make the necessary system-level changes required for updating the host file.
  • Use the Updater: In the Termux terminal, enter the command “updater” to access the module’s update functionality. The updater provides a convenient interface to manage updates for the BlockAds Magisk Module.
  • Select Update Type: Once inside the updater, you will be presented with two options: “Ultimate” and “Unlocked.” Choose the appropriate update type based on your preferences. The “Ultimate” option ensures comprehensive ad-blocking functionality, while the “Unlocked” option, although it still blocks ads, does not block pornographic content. Select the desired update type by following the on-screen instructions.

By following these simple steps, you can easily manage your blacklisted and whitelisted domains, as well as keep your BlockAds Magisk Module up to date. Take control of your browsing experience and enjoy an ad-free and personalized environment on your rooted Android device.

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In conclusion, the BlockAds Magisk Module is the perfect solution for rooted Android users looking to eliminate intrusive ads and enhance their browsing experience. With its effective ad-blocking capabilities and the option to block pornographic sites, this module provides a seamless and safe online environment. Take control of your device today by downloading the latest version of the BlockAds Magisk Module. If you have any queries or need assistance, feel free to leave a comment below.

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