Download HideMyApplist: Avoid Root Detection for Banking Apps

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile applications, privacy and security remain paramount. Whether you’re safeguarding sensitive financial data or protecting personal information, having control over app visibility is crucial. Enter HideMyApplist, a powerful Xposed module designed to keep your app list discreet and shield it from prying eyes.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the features, installation process, and frequently asked questions related to HideMyApplist. Whether you’re a seasoned Magisk user or a curious newcomer, this module offers a simple yet effective solution for maintaining privacy without compromising functionality. Let’s dive in!

Classic Power Menu Module
Classic Power Menu Module

Features of HideMyApplist

  • App Hiding: Conceal specific apps from detection by other applications.
  • Root Avoidance: Prevent root detection on banking apps and other sensitive applications.
  • Effective Interception: Use powerful interception methods to protect your app list.
  • Multi-Language Support: Available in various languages for user convenience.
  • Night Mode and Custom Themes: Customize the appearance to your liking.

Download HideMyApplist

You can download the latest version of HideMyApplist from the button below:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does HideMyApplist work?

HideMyApplist intercepts app list requests and prevents certain apps from accessing your installed app list. It effectively hides apps from detection.

Is it safe to use HideMyApplist?

Yes, HideMyApplist is safe to use. It does not modify system files or compromise your device’s security.

Will my banking apps still function after hiding them?

Yes, your banking apps will continue to function normally. HideMyApplist only conceals them from other apps.


HideMyApplist provides a reliable solution for avoiding root detection on sensitive apps. By hiding your app list, you can maintain privacy and security without compromising functionality. Download the module now and protect your apps!

Remember to uninstall any previous Magisk modules related to app hiding before using HideMyApplist. Enjoy a secure and discreet app experience!

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