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  • Version 3.2
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  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

HideMyApplist is an innovative Xposed module designed to protect user privacy by intercepting and managing app list detection requests. This tool is particularly useful for preventing certain apps from detecting the presence of other applications, which can be used for fingerprinting or other privacy-invading activities.

Developed by Dr-TSNG, HideMyApplist offers a variety of methods to hide apps or reject app list requests, ensuring that users maintain control over their app-related data. It's especially helpful for users with rooted devices who want to avoid detection of root-related apps like Fake Location and Storage Isolation.

Key features include:

  • App List Interception: Allows users to hide specific apps from detection.
  • Privacy Protection: Helps prevent apps from using installed apps as fingerprinting data.
  • User Support: Provides methods to test if the app list is hidden properly.

HideMyApplist is open-source and its source code is available on GitHub. Users can download the latest release, contribute to the project, or seek support through the repository.

Please note that while HideMyApplist aims to enhance privacy, it is provided "as is" without warranties. Users should understand the risks involved with modifying their device's system and proceed with caution.

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