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RAM Management Fixes Magisk Module is a set of optimizations designed to enhance the RAM management system of Android devices. It’s not a traditional Magisk module; instead, it applies a series of commands that adjust the behavior of the ActivityManager and disable the MIUI PeriodicCleaner, without changing any system files.

Developed by crok, this module increases the number of cached apps, allowing for more applications to remain in memory, which can lead to improved multitasking performance. It’s particularly beneficial for devices with at least 2GB of RAM and has been tested on devices with 3GB and 4GB of RAM.

Key features include:

  • Activity Manager Tweaks: Increases the number of cached apps for better multitasking.
  • Virtual Memory Adjustments: Modifies system parameters to optimize memory usage.
  • MIUI Optimization Disabler: Disables MIUI-specific optimizations that can interfere with the module’s settings.

For users interested in applying these tweaks, the module can be installed via Magisk (version 20.4 or higher), and the changes are applied after a reboot. The module is open-source and available on GitHub, where users can also find additional information and support.

Please note that while the module aims to improve device performance, it is provided “as is” without warranties. Users should understand the risks involved with modifying their device’s system and proceed with caution.

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