GCam Nikita 2.0

  • Version 7.4
  • File Size 129.7 MB
  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

GCam Nikita 2.0 is a modified version of the Google Camera app, adapted to work on a wide range of Android devices, not just Google's Pixel phones. It brings advanced features like Night Sight, Astrophotography, and Cinematic Blur to supported devices.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Photography: Offers features typically found on Pixel phones, such as Night Sight for low-light photography.
  • Wide Compatibility: Works on any Android device with Camera2API support.
  • Regular Updates: The developer provides updates with new features and fixes.

Developer Information: GCam Nikita 2.0 is developed by Nikita, also known as nickpl13, who is active in the modding community. The app is not officially open-source but is freely available for personal use.

Usage: Users can download the APK from here and install it on their devices. It's important to note that while the app is free to use, it is not open-source, and the APKs are typically secured against modification.

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