• Version 6.1.2
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  • Last Updated March 26, 2024

MagiskHidePropsConf is an open-source Magisk module that allows users to modify system properties, or "props," which can help in passing SafetyNet checks on rooted Android devices. This module is particularly useful for users who want to hide the fact that their device is rooted when using certain apps that check for root access.

Key Features:

  • Modify System Properties: Users can change various system properties to help pass SafetyNet checks.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Provides a simple way to manage and modify system properties through a terminal interface.
  • Spoofing Device Fingerprint: It can spoof the device's fingerprint to pass the CTS profile check, which is part of the SafetyNet test.

Developer Information: The project is maintained by Didgeridoohan, with contributions from the community. It's available on GitHub, where users can contribute to the code and track its updates.

Usage: MagiskHidePropsConf is used by installing it through the Magisk Manager and then running the props command in a terminal emulator.

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