Magisk Hide Props Config: Magisk Module

In the world of Android rooting, Magisk has emerged as a popular and powerful tool for modifying system settings and granting root privileges without compromising the device’s integrity or security. Among its many features, Magisk Hide stands out for its ability to hide root status from various applications and services.

This is particularly useful for accessing banking apps, streaming services, or other apps that may not function properly or at all on rooted devices.

Magisk Hide Props Config
Magisk Hide Props Config

What is Magisk Hide Props Config?

Magisk Hide Props Config is a Magisk module that extends the capabilities of Magisk Hide by providing a user-friendly interface for managing and modifying system properties. These properties, often referred to as “props,” define various aspects of the device’s hardware, software, and configuration. By modifying certain props, you can effectively disguise your rooted device as an unrooted one, further enhancing the effectiveness of Magisk Hide.

Features of Magisk Hide Props Config

Magisk Hide Props Config offers a comprehensive set of features to streamline the process of managing and modifying system properties. These features include:

Customized Device Profile

Magisk Hide Props Config empowers users to craft a tailored device profile by modifying properties such as model, manufacturer information, and other device identifiers. This customization ensures that the device aligns with specific requirements, mitigating potential device fingerprint issues that could hinder compatibility. For instance, users can seamlessly emulate a different device model to gain compatibility with applications or services that might otherwise be restricted.

Enhanced Compatibility

By utilizing Magisk Hide Props Config, users can elevate the compatibility of their device with various applications and services. The module grants users the ability to adjust critical device properties, minimizing conflicts and compatibility issues that might arise from discrepancies between the device’s actual characteristics and the expectations of certain apps and services. For example, users can modify properties related to Android version, screen resolution, and hardware components to ensure compatibility with specific software requirements.

Seamless SafetyNet Integration

Magisk Hide Props Config seamlessly integrates with SafetyNet, allowing users to either bypass or meet SafetyNet checks. This feature is particularly valuable for users who rely on applications that mandate SafetyNet verification for proper functioning. By meticulously tailoring device properties, Magisk Hide Props Config ensures compatibility with SafetyNet-dependent applications, such as banking apps, streaming services, and mobile payment platforms.

Privacy Protection

The ability to modify device properties contributes significantly to user privacy protection. Magisk Hide Props Config enables users to mask their device’s genuine information, preventing the exposure of sensitive data to various apps and services. By spoofing device identifiers, users can effectively shield their privacy and anonymity while using the module. This feature is particularly useful when using applications that might track or collect device-specific data.

Systemless Modifications

Magisk Hide Props Config implements changes in a systemless manner, leaving the device’s integrity intact. This approach effectively resolves device fingerprint issues, offering users a seamless and secure experience without directly altering the system partition. Systemless modifications ensure that any changes made by Magisk Hide Props Config can be easily reverted without compromising the device’s functionality or warranty status. This allows users to experiment with different device configurations without causing permanent modifications to the system.

Using Magisk Hide Props Config

Magisk Hide Props Config is a powerful module that allows users to customize their device’s properties, enhancing compatibility, bypassing SafetyNet checks, protecting privacy, and implementing systemless modifications. This guide will walk you through the process of using the module’s various features.

  • Installation and Setup

Run the “props” command in a terminal emulator.

After installing and rebooting your device, open a terminal emulator and run the following command:


This will launch the Magisk Hide Props Config console and guide you through the process of configuring the module.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

The Magisk Hide Props Config console will provide you with a series of options and prompts. Carefully read each prompt and enter the appropriate information.

  • Save your settings.

Once you have finished configuring the module, you will be asked to save your settings. This will ensure that your changes are applied and persist after a reboot.

  • Additional Usage Options

The props command can be used with various options to control its behavior. For example, you can use the -d option to update the fingerprints test list or the -f option to force an update of the fingerprints list.

Download Magisk Hide Props Config

You can download the latest version of Magisk Hide Props Config from the official GitHub repository. However, we’ve made it easier for you by providing a direct one-click download button below.

Clicking this button will directly download the latest ZIP file of Magisk Hide Props Config to your device. You can then follow the installation instructions provided below to install the module and start using its features.

Steps to install the Magisk Hide Props Config Magisk Module

  1. Open the Magisk app on your device.
  2. Tap the “Modules” section.
  3. Click on “Install from Storage.”
  4. Select the “Magisk Hide Props Config” Magisk Module to Install.
  5. Wait for the installation to complete. Once done, you will see a “Success” message.
  6. Reboot your device by tapping on the “Reboot” button.

Once your phone has rebooted, the Magisk Hide Props Config Magisk Module will be enabled and you should be able to use Magisk Hide Props Config Feayures.


Magisk Hide Props Config is a valuable tool for Magisk users who need to manage and modify system properties to enhance the effectiveness of Magisk Hide. Its user-friendly interface, preconfigured fingerprints, and custom prop management features make it a versatile and powerful addition to the Magisk toolkit.

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