Modded MIUI Always On Display (AOD) Mod

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  • Last Updated April 25, 2024

The Miui Always on Display Mod is a custom modification for MIUI's Always 0n Display (AOD) feature. Let's dive into the details:


Name: Miui Always On Display Mod
Developer: Kashi (with contributions from the Mods-Center community)
Installation: Via Magisk on MIUI 12-13 based ROMs with Android 10 or higher


  1. Removed 10s Limit: The mod removes the 10-second limit for displaying AOD content.
  2. Notification Option: It adds an option to display notifications on the AOD screen.
  3. Online AOD Themes: You can choose from additional AOD themes online.
  4. Unlocking More Features: The mod unlocks additional features that are typically restricted in the stock MIUI AOD.


  • The mod has been tested and works on MIUI 13 A12, but it should also work on other MIUI ROMs.

To download the latest version of MIUI Always on Display Magisk Module click the download button above.

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