How to Install Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy A9 2018

Are you excited about the latest version of Android? you can use Android 12 is your Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 phone. I know you are asking how it’s possible Samsung doesn’t give android 11 update. This is unofficial methods we are installing Pixel Experience GSI ROM base on Android 12.

GSI ROM support all the project treble phones including the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018. Here’s how to install it:

Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 GSI ROM
Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 GSI ROM

Requirement for Flashing Android 12

  • Install 1st Custom Recovery TWRP (Read here how)
  • Download Custom Kernel (here)
  • Download GSI ROM (here)
  • Download GSI Lock Screen Fix (here)

(Before Download GSI ROM how to choose and download perfect GSI ROM for Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 Read here)

How to Flash GSI ROM Android 12

You should complete all requirement before flash.

  • Flash the GSI Image File > System Image
  • Flash custom kernel
  • Flash Magisk Zip
  • Flash GSI Lock Screen Fix File
  • Flash anything else you want
  • Reboot to system

My Recommend GSI ROM Android 12

Here in this article, I’m writing about android 12 on Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 and I think you are come from YouTube video so that video I’m showing how to install Pixel Experience Android 12 GSI ROM on Samsung Galaxy A9.

We don’t have more choose options on android 12 ROM we have only this pixel experience. Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 doesn’t support camera2api so other android 12 and Android 13 rom install successfully but camera doesn’t work. If Release new GSI rom which support on our Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 devices, I will upload video on my YouTube Channel keep watch channel for more update.

Watch this video and follow process in video I’m install latest android 12.1 pixel experience GSI ROM.

If you have any more question about flashing process, you can contact us on telegram channel.

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