How to Install GSI Rom on Samsung Galaxy A70

If you want to install a GSI ROM on your Samsung Galaxy A70, there are a few things you need to do first. GSI rom is universal Rom, so GSI Rom support all project treble supported phones.

What is GSI Rom?

GSI ROM is a pure Android implementation with unmodified AOSP code, runnable on a variety of Android devices. GSI ROM is not a custom ROM or a modified ROM. It is simply a system image that can be installed on any Android device, regardless of the manufacturer.

How to Check Project Treble?

Samsung Galaxy A70 support project treble so we are discussing here how to install GSI Rom. You can also check it’s very simple to check your phone support or not Project Treble, download “Project Info” app from Google Play store and open you see all details in app home screen.

treble Info
Project Treble

What is Project Treble

Project Treble is a major initiative from Google to improve the speed of Android updates. With Project Treble, Google is re-architecting Android to make it easier for manufacturers to update devices to the latest version.

How to Install GSI Rom on Samsung Galaxy A70
How to Install GSI Rom on Samsung Galaxy A70

Install TWRP Recovery

TWRP is the Custom Recovery that allow you to many features Wipe, Install, Backup etc. You need custom recovery for install the custom ROM so install first Custom Recovery in your phone. Custom recovery is main and important so check this article if already you done to install TWRP.

Install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy A70

Download GSI Rom for Samsung A70

I’m write this article after tested GSI Rom on my Samsung Galaxy A70 you found to much Official or Unofficial GSI Rom in internet you need to choose best and less bugs ROM.

I’m test in my Samsung Galaxy A70 phone crDroid 8.8 android 12 GSI ROM this is stable enough for a daily driver also good battery backup, other GSI ROM’s I’m not test so not text here. Following this article method, you can install and testing any GSI ROM on Samsung Galaxy A70. Also, comment’s here which ROM is good for A70.

Download GSI ROM

Download Custom Kernel

Android 13 GSI for Samsung A70

Android 13 stable version Google officially release already also GSI, and Custom ROMs are amiable in Internet, In Samsung Galaxy A70 I’m install Google Android GSI and make video you can watch on YouTube “Magisk Zip Channel“.

GSI Rom Installing Method

In this article we are learning process of installing GSI ROM on Samsung Galaxy A70, before starting you should be following my method to install TWRP on Samsung A70 read and conform you do same method or not. If you done to Install TWRP and Download GSI ROM file than start.

  • Power off Phone.
  • Reboot to Recovery (keep pressing the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously and connect phone to pc using data cable, you see the “Warning” screen. Leave pressing than press one time volume up button.
  • Now you enter in TWRP than WIPE the (Dalvik Cache, Cache, System, Data).
  • After wipe done Install GSI ROM > System Image.
  • Flash Custom Kernel.
  • If you want to flash other things you can,
  • After done to flash, reboot to system.

That is the full method of installing process of GSI ROM on Samsung Galaxy A70, if you need any kinds of help you can contact me on telegram also comment here, I’ll response.

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