How to Root Samsung Galaxy A10s using Magisk

This guide is going to show you how to Root Samsung Galaxy A10s using Magisk. I will guide 2 method to root Samsung Galaxy A10s with TWRP recovery and Without TWRP recovery in this article.

Rooting your phone allows for additional customization of the software as well as you can uninstall the any system apps. It also increases the performance of the device due to increased RAM usage and overclocking CPU frequency, etc.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy A10s using Magisk
How to Root Samsung Galaxy A10s using Magisk

Install TWRP on Samsung A10s

TWRP is the custom recovery tool that’s help to flash custom rom, get full phone backup and TWRP gives you a lot more options. You can reboot into system, bootloader, download mode etc.

I’m already write full article just follow the installation guide.

Root Samsung Galaxy A10s with TWRP and Magisk

If you install custom recovery (TWRP, OrangeFox, SHRP) on your phone than you can easily root your phone with Magisk. Follow this step to install Magisk on your phone with TWRP recovery.

  • Download Magisk Zip file and keep on internal storage.
  • Reboot your phone to TWRP recovery mode. (Press Bixby, Volume Up and Power Button)
  • Press install button on TWRP recovery.
Install TWRP Recovery
  • Select your downloaded Magisk Zip file.
Flash File With TWRP Recovery
  • After select the file swipe to flash.
File Flash on TWRP Recovery
  • After successfully flash reboot phone to system.
Reboot System From TWRP Recovery
Magisk APK

Root Samsung Galaxy A10s without TWRP

I’m add this without TWRP root process second options because TWRP recovery available for Samsung Galaxy A10s. Anyway you have to follow every step carefully, below I have shown step by step just follow.

Unlock Bootloader on Samsung Galaxy A10s

  • Go to Phone Settings on your Samsung Galaxy A10s.
  • Scroll down and select About phone.
  • Next, select Software information.
  • Tap on the Build number multiple times.
  • Enter your phone’s lock screen Password.
  • You will now see the “Developer mode has been enabled!” toast message on the phone screen.

Enable is the OEM unlocking option on Samsung Galaxy A10s

  • Go to Phone Settings on your Samsung Galaxy A10s.
  • Scroll down and select Developer options.
  • Toggle ON the OEM unlocking option.

After turn on OEM unlock Power off your phone and “Press Volume UP, Volume Down button and connect phone to PC using data cable” you see bootloader warning than long press Volume UP to unlock device.

Download Stock Firmware for Samsung Galaxy A10s

You need a Samsung Galaxy A10s stock firmware, you can download from,

You need first your phone’s model number and second, and CSC/regional code.

  • You can get your phone model number by going to Settings → About phone.

Download LZ4

Preparing Patched Boot Image file

  • Extract the firmware package.
  • Open the extracted folder and again Extract AP firmware file.
Samsung Firmware Extract
  • Now you will find boot.img.lz4 file.
Samsung Firmware AP File Extract
  • Copy boot.img.lz4 to LZ4 Installed folder.
LZ4 File

Next we have to convert .img.lz4 to .img file.

  • Open the lz4 extracted folder
  • Drag the boot.img.lz4 file to the lz4.exe program
LZ4 File Extract
  • This step convert the file to .img format.

Patch the boot.img Firmware File with Magisk App

  • Download and install Magisk App on your phone.
  • Open the Magisk App.
  • Tap on the INSTALL button.
Patch File on Magisk App
  • Then Select and Patch a File.
  • Choose the Boot.IMG File
Patch Boot.img on Magisk App
  • Once the file is selected, tap on LET’S GO.
  • The patched file can be found in the Downloads folder.
  • Connect your phone to the PC and copy the magisk_patched.img file on your PC.

Convert .IMG File to .TAR (For ODIN)

  • Download and Install 1st 7zip software in you PC.
  • Select magisk_patched.img and right click mouse and point to 7zip > Add to archive
Add archive file 7zip
Add archive file 7zip
  • Archive format select tar and click OK.
Convert to .tar Extension
Convert to .tar Extension
  • Finally we are build the magisk-patched.tar file for ODIN (AP)

Boot your Samsung Galaxy A10s into Download Mode

  • First, power off your phone.
  • Press Button Volume Up, Volume Down and connect your phone to your PC using data cable.
  • You will now see the Bootloader warning screen.
  • Long press Volume Up button to unlock bootloader.
  • If your device bootloader already unlock just press one time volume up button.
  • Following this method you enter to download mode.

Flash Magisk_Patched.tar using Odin flash tool

  • Run Odin3.exe file.
  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy A10s device to a PC/Laptop.
  • You will see ID:COM section light up blue. It means the port is working.
Odin Tool Port
  • BL: Select the firmware file starting BL.
  • AP: Select the Magisk Patched AP firmware file (magisk_patched.tar)
  • CP: Select the firmware file starting CP.
  • CSC: Select the firmware file starting HOME_CSC.
Odin Tool
Odin Tool
  • Once done,click Start to begin the flashing process.
  • The first boot will take some time.

After your on, you will see Magisk App installed on your phone. This app will help you to manage Root permissions.

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