PixelXpert Magisk Module: Unlock Hidden Magic

Tired of the stock Pixel experience? Yearning for deeper customization and control over your device? Look no further than PixelXpert, a powerful Xposed+Magisk module that unlocks a realm of hidden features and customization options not originally offered by Google.

PixelXpert empowers you to tailor your Pixel to your exact preferences, transforming it into a truly personalized experience that reflects your unique style and needs. Whether you crave a more streamlined interface, enhanced functionality, or simply a touch of visual flair, PixelXpert grants you the keys to unlock your Pixel’s true potential.

PixelXpert Magisk Module
PixelXpert Magisk Module


  • Status Bar: Reimagine the iconic status bar with custom icons, colors, clock styles, and more.
  • Quick Settings Panel: Arrange tiles to your liking, add custom tiles, and personalize themes for a quick settings experience that works for you.
  • Lock Screen: Design a lock screen that’s not only secure but also aesthetically pleasing, with options for custom clock styles, notifications, and unlocking animations.
  • Notifications: Fine-tune how notifications appear, group, and behave, ensuring you stay informed without distraction.
  • Gesture Navigations: Tailor gestures to your natural movements for a seamless and intuitive navigation experience.
  • Phone & Dialer: Enhance call features, call recording, themes, and layouts for a more enjoyable calling experience.
  • Hotspot: Remove restrictions and enable hidden features, taking full control of your device’s hotspot capabilities.
  • Package Manager: Gain better control over app management for a more efficient and organized experience.
  • Screen Properties: Adjust screen colors, saturation, and other display settings to create a viewing experience that’s perfect for your eyes.


  • Compatible ROM: PixelXpert is fully compatible with Pixel stock firmware. Check the compatibility chart for specific Android versions and QPRs.
  • Rooted Device: Your device must be rooted with Magisk 24.2+ or KSU.
  • LSPosed: Install LSPosed, preferably the Zygisk version.


Unlock the hidden magic now! Download the PixelXpert Magisk module from the button below:

PixelXpert is a free and open-source project with over 34 contributors. You can explore its code and other details on GitHub: [github.com/siavash79/PixelXpert]


  1. Download the module from above provide button.
  2. Install the module using the Magisk app or KSU.
  3. Reboot your device for changes to take effect.
  4. Open the PixelXpert app and apply your desired customizations.


Will PixelXpert cause bootloops or other issues?

Bootloops are not expected with PixelXpert. However, as with any modification, it’s always a good practice to create a backup before installation.

How do I grant root access to PixelXpert in KSU?

KSU users may need to manually grant root access to PixelXpert within the app settings.


PixelXpert invites you to dive into a world of boundless customization, where your Pixel becomes an extension of your individuality. Explore its many features, experiment with different settings, and create a Pixel experience that’s uniquely yours. Unlock the hidden magic today and unleash your Pixel’s full potential!

Let us know in the comments below what customizations you’ve created with PixelXpert! We’d love to hear about your unique Pixel setups and experiences.

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    1. Hey there! I don’t have a Pixel 8 to test it myself, but according to the developer on GitHub, the file should work perfectly with Pixel stock ROMs. Double-check if you followed the installation process correctly, and if you’re still having issues, consider reaching out to the developer for assistance. They might have specific troubleshooting tips for your situation. Good luck!

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