How to Install Android 13 on Samsung

How to Install Android 13 on Samsung

If you’re looking how to install Android 13 on Samsung, you are in right place. You can easily install android 13 on any “Project Treble Support” Samsung phones and you know in this article full install guide. I have also two Samsung phones A70 and A9 2018 both Samsung stop to push update and currently … Read more

How to Install Android 13 on Samsung Galaxy A70

Install Android 13 on Samsung Galaxy A70

It is now possible to install Android 13 on your Samsung Galaxy A70. This is made possible by the latest Android 13 custom ROMs that are now available for download. The new custom ROMs bring a number of new features and improvements to the Galaxy A70, including a new user interface, improved performance, and additional … Read more

What is dirty flash ROM and How to do?

What is Dirty Flash?

Dirty flashing is a term used in the world of custom ROMs and firmware updates. It refers to the process of updating a phone’s software (ROM) without wiping its data. This means that the user can update their custom ROM without losing any important files, photos, or contacts stored on their device. The process of … Read more

Save Battery on Samsung: Tips and Important Settings

Save Battery on Samsung

Samsung Galaxy smartphones are known for their sleek designs and advanced features, but one thing they’re not so well known for is their battery life. It’s a common frustration among Samsung phone users that the battery drains quickly, making it difficult to stay connected and productive throughout the day. However, there are several steps you … Read more

Pixel Experience Android 13: Download and Installing

Pixel Experience Android 13

If you’re interested in trying a Pixel Experience GSI Android ROM that offers a great user experience, you might want to consider the latest version based on Android 13. Pixel Experience brings the features and UI changes of the latest Android release to your device, as well as some additional benefits. One of the benefits … Read more