2024: Top 28 Must-Have Magisk Modules

Magisk is a powerful tool for Android customization, offering endless possibilities for personalization and functionality. As we enter 2024, the Magisk module ecosystem keeps growing, bringing new features and options for your device.

This list of the top 28 must-have Magisk modules is not just a compilation; it’s a guide to unlocking the full potential of your Android device. Each module is chosen for its ability to improve your user experience, optimize your system’s performance, or add that extra touch of customization that makes your device truly yours.

Top 28 Must-Have Magisk Modules
Top 28 Must-Have Magisk Modules

1. ViPER4Android Repackaged

This module is a refined installer for the popular audio effects app ViPER4Android. It enhances the sound quality on your Android device, offering features like a powerful 10-band equalizer, bass boost, reverb effects, and support for multiple audio devices.

2. Best Call Recording

A lightweight solution for call recording on rooted devices. It works in the background to record calls in high-quality FLAC audio, supporting Android versions 10 through 13.

3. MIUI Security Mod

This module adds a voice changer feature to the MIUI Security app, allowing gamers to transform their voices in real-time during gameplay. It also includes other enhancements like an improved battery status interface and app lock features.

4. Game Turbo Voice Changer

A feature of the MIUI Security app that optimizes system resources for gaming and includes a real-time voice changer for in-game communication.

5. PixelXpert

An Xposed+Magisk module that unlocks additional customization options for Pixel devices, such as status bar icons, quick settings panel, lock screen, and gesture navigations.

6. Zygisk Detach

A module that detaches installed apps from the Play Store, preventing them from being automatically updated against user preferences¹⁵.

7. Nothing Launcher

A Magisk module that installs the Nothing Launcher, providing a clean and clutter-free user experience with themed icons, app hiding, and various widgets⁵.

8. RiProG AI

Enhances the Android experience with a combination of tweaks that automatically adapt to the device’s mode, optimizing performance and efficiency⁸.

9. DataBackup APK

Offers a robust solution for backing up app data on rooted Android devices, with support for multi-user/dual backup and cloud integration¹¹.

10. Miui Camera

Allows users of custom ROMs to install the MIUI camera app, granting access to MIUI’s advanced camera features²⁴.

11. microG

A free and open-source implementation of Google’s proprietary Android user space apps and libraries, which serves as a replacement for Google Play Services.

12. Pixel Props

This module spoofs your device to be recognized as a Pixel phone, enabling access to features and updates typically exclusive to Pixel devices.

13. IOS Emoji

Replaces the default Android emoji set with the ones used in iOS, giving your device the Apple-styled emojis.

14. Better QS

Improves the Quick Settings panel by adding more tiles, customization options, and better functionality.

15. Camera2Api Enabler

Enables the Camera2 API on devices where it’s not active by default, allowing for advanced camera features like manual controls and RAW image capture.

16. Magic Overlayfs

This module uses overlayfs to make the system partition read-write without losing system integrity. It’s particularly useful for devices with dynamic partitions and limited space for system modifications.

17. RAM Management Fixes

A set of commands to modify the ActivityManager’s behavior and disable MIUI PeriodicCleaner. It optimizes RAM usage without changing any files, adding system parameters upon installation.

18. MRepo (My Repository)

An Android application that allows you to manage your own modules repository. It supports Android versions 8.0 and above, making it a versatile tool for enthusiasts.

19. Classic Power Menu

Brings back the Pixel-style power off/restart menu. If you miss the old-school power menu, this module is your solution.

20. HideMyApplist

Designed to keep your app list discreet, this module helps avoid root detection for banking and other sensitive apps.

21. Native Call Recording for LineageOS

Enables call recording feature for LineageOS, which is not supported natively. It’s a handy tool for those who need to record calls for various reasons.

22. Windows 11 Emoji

Updates your device’s emojis to the latest Windows 11 style, adding a fresh look to your conversations.

23. Magisk Knox Patch

Hides root status from Samsung’s Knox security system, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of both root and SafetyNet-compliant apps.

24. Systemless Ad Blocker

Blocks ads across various apps and websites without modifying any system files. It offers a cleaner, more enjoyable browsing experience.

25. Play Integrity Fix

Masks root access to maintain compatibility with Google Play Services. It ensures a secure environment for apps and smooth sailing on the Play Store.

26. Greenify4Magisk

Identifies and hibernates unused apps, significantly reducing their battery consumption. It’s a great tool to extend your battery life.

27. Magisk Bootloop Saver

Acts as a safety net by allowing you to boot into recovery mode even if your phone is stuck in a bootloop.

28. FDE AI Magisk Module

An AI-based module to improve battery life on Android. It’s customizable and can have a significant impact on your device’s performance.


Rooting and modifying your device’s software can unlock new features, but it also involves some risks. Please make sure you are aware of the possible consequences before you install these modules.


We have reached the end of our exploration of the best Magisk modules of 2024. These modules show that the user has the ultimate control over how to customize their Android device. They are not just tools; they are the components of a tailored Android experience that matches your specific needs and preferences. Don’t forget, the Magisk world is constantly evolving, with new modules appearing as technology progresses. Keep discovering, keep personalizing, and most importantly, keep enjoying the infinite possibilities that Magisk offers for your Android device.

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